Bob Mustin

Bob Mustin has had a brief naval career and a longer one as a civil engineer, and has been a North Carolina Writers Network writer-in-residence at Peace College under the late Doris Betts' guiding hand. In the early '90s, he was the editor of a small literary journal, The Rural Sophisticate, based in Georgia. His work has appeared in The Rockhurst Review, Elysian Fields Quarterly, Cooweescoowee, Under The Sun, Gihon River Review, Reflections Literary Journal, and many sites in electronic form.

Bob’s latest work, a collection of short stories, will come out next March, entitled, Sam’s Place.  While each story is its on entity, they all evolve around a local bar.  Some of the stories in this collection have already gotten praise:

Bob Mustin

"What Might've Been" was published in an e-zine, Imitation Fruit, in their November 2011 issue.

"The Faithful City" took a third place award in the 2012 Patricia Boatner Fiction Award (Sponsored by the Tennessee Mountain Writers, Inc.)

"The Outer Masquerade" took a 2012 first place award for fiction from the Appalachian Authors Guild (the guild is a subsidiary of the Virginia Writers Club) and went on to take a second place in the 2012 VWC-wide competition for fiction.

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